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All your marketing needs, all in one place.
How it Works

The sales you aren’t making?
They’re here

What Your Clients Wants

  • A personal touch
  • Fresh relevant content
  • Targeted deals
  • Friendly reminders
  • The feeling your company cares

What Your Business Wants

  • Automated lead nurturing/emails
  • Increased lead conversion
  • Increased additional sale opportunities
  • Complete ROI
  • Campaign Tracking

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Marketing Automation Services

New marketing automation for businesses that want to make their relationships work harder.
Internet marketing that consolidates your standalone digital tools - your CRM, email marketing, search, social, content, analytics and integrates them onto a single powerful platform.

All-In-One Online Marketing

All your internet marketing needs; your PPC/Facebook Ads/CRM/Call tracking/Landing Page/CRM/email marketing - all in one place.

Marketing Automation

Take your seat at the very front of your customers’ thinking. In sight. In mind. Create fresh leads. Nurture relationships. Convert to sales.

Marketing Intelligence

The marketing that works, the marketing that doesn’t. Understand your return on every penny of marketing investment. Fine tune your strategy.

Key Features

Behaviours-based email automation

Imagine to how useful it would be know whether that email had been opened. If your site had been visited. Which pages had been viewed and for how long. Real actionable insights that you can measure and use to inform your online marketing.

Behavioural based email automation, visitor ID, email marketing and automation tools. Powerful rules based marketing automation that talks with your contacts at critical points in their buying process - the right information with the right person at the right time.


Lead Nurturing, Tracking + Analytics

A helicopter view on all your marketing touchpoints. From phone to form to scanned business cards now you can track all your leads through a single, simple platform. Use lead scoring to identify and attribute hot prospects based on interaction with your website, content, emails and social. Widen and strengthen your sales funnel with a powerful set of integrated online marketing tools.

Life of Lead Tracking

That ‘Zero Moment of Truth’ - the moment a prospect hits the buy button - you need to know when it’s coming. Now you can with powerful rules based marketing automation that uses workflows to reach out to your prospects at critical points in their buying process.

Behaviour tracking. Lead scoring. The right information shared with the right person at the right time. Smart, profitable automated marketing.


CRM & Pipeline Sales

Track every sales opportunity all the way from creation to close. Accurately attribute complete end to end ROI on all marketing touchpoints and campaigns. Craft your own sales process by setting up your own deal stages custom fields, filters and two-way sync your data Kampaign and your CRM.

A simple drag-and-drop interface tracks sales cycles from start to finish to end.View the entire funnel in one easy-to-manage view.

Call Tracking + Marketing Automation

Fully Integrated. Easily sync callers to your integrated CRM/Marketing Automation and use automated workflow and email drip campaigns to automatically follow up callers. Use real time marketing intelligence to record callers’ site interaction and the campaign that generated the lead. Use this information inform sales staff and help close sales. Affordable call tracking that comes with all the benefits of fully integrated marketing automation and CRM

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